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Learn the Secret to get Sculptured Abs

As Founder of Dumbbell Club®  I have read many books and magazines that had all kinds of different routines to get results in your midsection. You can do all the ab work you want and not get the results you’re looking for until NOW. This is a secret that many people don’t understand and it’s so easy to initiate into your everyday life. The sit-up and midsection exercises are probably the hardest exercise to teach someone trying to get their dream waistline. I always tell people, “it’s not the quantity of time you spend on a muscle group, but it’s the quality of time. Over the last 39 years in Fitness Centers I have watched people do thousands of different exercises for their abs. The missing ingredient for the core area is ISO-TENSION…. What is ISO-TENSION? It’s the contraction of the muscle without using any weight.  ISO-TENSION is the best way to start seeing immediate results. Teaching you this secret will sculpture your abs better than anything you have ever tried before.

Contracting the muscle isn’t new, an entrepreneur invented an electrical waistband to contract the abdominal muscles the easy way or should I say, “the lazy way.”  The impulse electrical shock would contract the muscle and then go away every few seconds, but the problem with this piece of equipment is that it didn’t contract the muscles often enough or long enough to get the results you were promised when you purchased this piece of apparatus.  

A person would have to wear it throughout the day to get the results I will teach you after learning this fitness secret. To start out the 1st thing I would teach you is to contract your bicep, not your abs.  The reason I would do it this way is to get across to you that contracting your bicep which majority of the people show that muscle if asked, “show me your muscle”. The result of flexing gives that bicep shape and definition quicker than any other form of exercise.  

After this quick flexing drill on both arms, I will try to have the person try to get a muscle mind connection with their abdominal area. Everyone knows how to push their stomach out, but how to contract their abdominal muscles for most people is a challenge. Without doing 1 sit-up, our abdominal exercise I want you to learn is to flex your abdominals for 1 week.  Be conscience at all times, driving a car, sitting at your desk, walking, etc…. After you are comfortable with this drill I want you to start working your abs slowly. Remember quality not quantity….. Maybe start out 3 sets of 10 sit-ups for a total of 30 (4 times a week) this should take you 5 minutes. Between each set I want you to flex your abs and touch your abs to feel the contraction. This muscle mind connection will grow in time and will become the secret to your sculptured abs you have been laboring to get. 

Sit-up program:

Get into a sit-up position with your knees slightly bent. Put your hands behind your legs to help you pull yourself up into a sit-up position. Laying on your back before coming up into a sit-up position your abs should be relaxed. As you start pulling yourself up into a 3/4 sit-up have your chin to your chest and flex your abs at the top of the sit-up position and keep them flexed as you slowly return to your back position. Using your arms will allow you to focus on your abs and remove your hips and hip flexors from the movement. 

If using a sit-up board instead of putting your hands on the back of your legs, put them under the board and grab the board close to your buttocks.  Repeat this routine for 1 month and you will see results. 

Lay back on the ball so that your lower back feels comfortable enough to sit up 1/2 way. With your legs bent directly in front of you I want you to start rocking back and forth similar to a rocking chair motion, but with your back slightly further back. As you get this movement down you will start feeling how you can really contract your frontal abs, for quick results.  I don’t endorse the balls, but have to say they’re the best tool for people who have problems doing regular sit-ups and great for people with lower back problems. This exercise shouldn’t be attached with how many reps and sets you should do, it’s just a piece of equipment you should really get the feel for to get those sculptured rock hard abs. 

Learn this Fitness secret and start getting results in 1 month. 

Remember the AB SECRET is ISO-TENSION…….

Note: Body fat will be a factor in getting your ultimate results and the only way to combat that is cardiovascular exercise such as stationary bike, treadmill, or stair-master, etc.

Smart to be Fit™ 

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David JohnsonLearn the Secret to get Sculptured Abs


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