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Smart to be Fit™

By: Dr. Ronald Law, MD

There are 5 buckets of wealth, three are financial, one is relational and finally the most important bucket is your health. We are only talking about this last bucket.

Your health is comprised on 3 buckets:

Diseases and medical condition bucket: this bucket is only partially managed because you cannot change the condition, say rheumatoid arthritis or hypertension. You can only manage any disease to the best of your ability.

Nutrition and body weight: this bucket is completely under your control, but managing nutrition and body weight are very demanding and frequently you have little to show for it. While weight loss seems like a no-brainer, actual statistics show permanent weight loss is only possible for a relatively few people.

Fitness and exercise: this bucket is completely under your control with a very HIGH success rate. Anyone can be more fit, almost without exception. Unlike the other two buckets, you also feel better.

Action to take:

  • See your doctor to manage any medical condition
  • Eat wisely
  • …and it is SMART TO BE FIT™

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