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Set Fitness Goals to Get Results

Over and over you will hear guys say that they want to lose their spare tire or their stomach. While women tend to be more concerned in reducing their thighs.

It’s important to set goals, but be realistic about them. There’s no such thing as spot weight reduction when targeting a certain body part.  When you undertake weight loss, it’s a overall process. Actually where you carry the most fat, will probably be the last area to see results.

You are not going to achieve your goal without some kind of obstacle along the way.  This is natural so don’t be discouraged, keep going.  For example, you may hit a plateau, get an injury, or have something in your life that throws you off track.  This is the time to remember your goal.  Then create some new action steps to keep moving toward it. Without a target you won’t hit it. So, stick with your plan and accomplish your goal.

Here are a few tips:

  • Have written goals and review them daily.
  • Change up your workout every month, so you will shock your body to response if you’ve hit a plateau.
  • Rate yourself on how well you’ve done each day on your meal plan and workout.  Use your rating to adjust your behavior.

If you need additional motivation towards your goal, or help reaching it there are many options. Consider hiring a personal trainer. Read a variety of fitness articles, magazines and books.  Look for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. There are many fitness experts posting on those sites. There are lots of psychology articles on the internet on goal setting and motivation. Information is easy to find, and it’s everywhere.

Decide what you want, set a goal, learn everything you can on your own and apply it, or recruit a personal trainer for support.

David JohnsonSet Fitness Goals to Get Results

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  1. Kit   Reply

    I have set my goals too when I started training. Its true also to change your routine every month because it will challenge your body and become more flexible. I have added clean eating to my goal also when I started training in the gym.


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