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Follow the CDC Guidelines

At Dumbbell Club® we want everyone to abide by the CDC Guidelines during this COVID-19 pandemic. The quicker we all follow the rules the quicker we all get back to normal. Wearing a face mask is one of the guidelines that not only helps you from contracting the virus, but from you passing it to others.  


Of course this is a total inconvenience, but this is a deadly virus. The social distancing and stay home orders have people frustrated in some states. But, hopefully soon we will have a vaccine, great testing and more data to help us all.  We are all in this together and some areas have been hit harder than others, but our economy has taken an incredible blow financially. Our economy was at an all time high and now we all have to work safely together to rebuild this great country.  Protect yourself against this invisible enemy, because when you have health, you have wealth.  

Here’s a link to read the CDC Guidelines

Smart to be Fit™


David JohnsonFollow the CDC Guidelines


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