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Learn the Secret to get Sculptured Abs

As Founder of Dumbbell Club®  I have read many books and magazines that had all kinds of different routines to get results in your midsection. You can do all the ab work you want and not get the results you’re looking for until NOW. This is a secret that many people don’t understand and it’s so easy to initiate into your


David JohnsonLearn the Secret to get Sculptured Abs

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The FitExpo – Anaheim 2019

This is going to be a special Sunday June 2nd @thefitexpo in Anaheim for these 5 incredible inductees.  They will be honored with the Golden Dumbbell Award™ and inducted in the Official Dumbbell Club® Hall of Fame for the huge impact they’ve made & continue to make in the fitness industry. We hope you can attend.  @ifbbpro_philwilliams 1984 NPC Mr. USA 1985 NPC National Champion 


David JohnsonThe FitExpo – Anaheim 2019

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Set Fitness Goals to Get Results

Over and over you will hear guys say that they want to lose their spare tire or their stomach. While women tend to be more concerned in reducing their thighs. It’s important to set goals, but be realistic about them. There’s no such thing as spot weight reduction when targeting a certain body part.  When you undertake weight loss, it’s


David JohnsonSet Fitness Goals to Get Results

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Dehydration Affects Your Gym Performance

If your workouts are dragging, it’s probably because your dehydrated. Everyone’s different when it comes to the amount of water they should intake and it will vary with heat and exercise. The general guideline is to drink eight 8oz glasses of water a day and if you’re a Bodybuilder drink ten glasses. Drink a glass of water immediately when you


David JohnsonDehydration Affects Your Gym Performance

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Are you on a Diet?

Everyone is on a diet. You are either on a weight loss diet, a weight maintaining diet, or a weight gaining diet. Each have different diet requirements, and you are on one of them.  Your diet may be unconscious or planned. If you are trying to lose weight you have to burn off more calories than you take in.  Adding cardio to


David JohnsonAre you on a Diet?

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Dumbbell Club Hall of Fame

On January 27th @thefitexpo in Los Angeles, 5 incredible inductees were honored with the Golden Dumbbell Award and inducted in the Dumbbell Club Hall of Fame.   The 1st inductee won the 2017 and 2018 Classic Physique Mr Olympia, Breon Ansley @breonma_. He was surprised when his father Miles inducted him. It was a beautiful moment on stage between father


David JohnsonDumbbell Club Hall of Fame

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Set Goals to Achieve

Without personal goals you are a ship without a rudder.  Goals get you focused and make you strive towards something.  All champions started as beginners and throughout their years they set goals.  This was part of their success.  First set your goal, visualize its success, and create a plan to make it happen. Consistency is the key to keeping and


David JohnsonSet Goals to Achieve

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Eating Healthy is Costly

  Eating healthy costs much more than eating processed foods. However, there are healthy foods you can eat that won’t break the bank. The cheapest protein available are eggs.  They don’t have a lot of calories and they’re healthy. You would have to eat hundreds of eggs a day to be concerned about increasing your cholesterol or to worry about


David JohnsonEating Healthy is Costly

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Working Around Injures

No matter if you’re a weekend warrior, a conditioned athlete or new to regular workouts, there are times when you might find yourself working around an injury.   It’s important to keep working out, while being mindful of the injury. For example, if you have a foot injury you can work out your upper body.  We understand it’s a hassle


David JohnsonWorking Around Injures

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Unilateral Exercises With Dumbbells

  Unilateral exercises are an important part of any strength-training routine. Unilateral training involves training limbs individually, rather than engaging both sides together.  Everyone has a weak side. Bilateral training allows your dominant side to compensate for your weaker side. This can set you up for injuries later. Unilateral exercises allow you to train away these differences. By using one


David JohnsonUnilateral Exercises With Dumbbells

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