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Enjoy the Week Leading Up to the 2018 Mr. Olympia 

On September 14, the 2018 Mr Olympia begins. This attracts the best male and female bodybuilding/fitness competitors in the world. Competitors from around the world come to Las Vegas for the week.  They qualified either by winning an @IFBB_Pro_league show or acquired enough points to get an invitation.

This is one of their most important weeks of prep. These Olympians are extremely regimented with their food, their posing, and their training. Any slight obstacle or situation can be very stressful. All their physical, mental, and emotional resources are being put to the test, and are being challenged and depleted.

They all have to check in, and for some this involves a mandatory weigh in day.  Until that point they’re getting in their last few workouts, keeping their posing polished, getting their meals in, and staying on point.

There’s a meet and greet for the athletes, photo sessions, interviews and a huge Fitness Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. With everything leading up to the show, rest is important for these top athletes, but it’s difficult to get a nap or two with their busy schedules.

Some of the competitors are veterans in this atmosphere, and it’s just another Olympia. They have learned how to manage the stress of competing.

Before pre-judging they’ll get a professional tan by @protan_official to become stage ready.

After the contest, win or lose, it’s a cheat meal food festival! That is something each competitor looks forward too.  The hard work temporarily takes a back stage, and everything you just experienced became an incredible journey, so enjoy it.

David JohnsonEnjoy the Week Leading Up to the 2018 Mr. Olympia 


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