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Are today’s Athletes over training?

Whether you are a Bodybuilder, Baseball player, Football player, or Basketball player, etc., it’s very competitive. Your thoughts are, you can’t miss a workout because others in the same sport are training hard too. If this is your mind set,  you are setting yourself up to over train and become burnt out.

Most Bodybuilders and Fitness competitors are training year around. There are so many more @IFBB_Pro_League shows to select from, you are motivated to stay close to contest shape to be ready to compete.  Every competitor knows someone that competes 4-8 times in one year.  That is not only dedication, but a lot of dieting, weight training, posing & cardio to prepare for each show.

Before it was Spring Training to get ready for the Baseball season.  Now, they’re playing Fall ball and Winter ball, so there’s not an off season.

Football players now have Spring practice and have mini camps to get ready for the Fall season.

Basketball players are on traveling teams, along with daily practice, and their regular season games.

Consistency is the key to be your best, but it has to be monitored.  You have to take days off to refuel, rest and remove yourself physically/mentally from the gym, field and court to regenerate your body and mind.

Nutrition and hydration is such an important part of recuperation. Over training can lead to fatigue, over use injuries and performance issues.

Dumbbell Club knows when you are locked into a goal you could become hampered by not taking time off.  So, if you don’t want the negative affects of over training, take a break.

David JohnsonAre today’s Athletes over training?


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