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Why do You Workout?

Is it to impress or get attention from the opposite sex or is it because you’re an athlete and your sport demands you to stay in shape? There are many different reasons why people workout.

  • To stay healthy
  • To look good
  • To burn calories
  • To lose weight
  • To gain weight
  • To live longer
  • To compete in a sport
  • To rehabilitate an injury

Whatever the reason is, ask yourself once in awhile and it will re-energize your workouts. There might be many reasons to workout, but resistance training along with cardio is definitely a pretty good health insurance policy.  Workouts usually make you sleep better, eat better and make you aware of what not to do.

If workouts have been apart of your lifestyle and you quit for some reason you could find yourself depressed. Workouts give you more than the physical appearance, they also give you confidence and a healthy mental state.

Workouts also get you tuned into your physiological part of your body. How much can you lift and how many repetitions can I do?  Workouts also let you know if you’re low on energy and need carbohydrates.

Whatever reason you use to motivate your workouts,  it has value. One reason isn’t better than another, but whatever you choose, stick with it.

Just realize that working out is a process.  Once you reach your desired outcome, it’s time to select a new goal to keep you going.  There are so many benefits to working out and the most important thing is that you get it done.

David JohnsonWhy do You Workout?


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