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Do training aids work when you are weight training?

Using training aids during your workouts can be very helpful. They give you confidence, prevent injuries, and let you focus on a particular muscle group. Some believe that using training aids weakens certain muscle groups because of the protection you are looking for.

We disagree that training aids weaken muscle groups.  Actually, using a weight belt around your waist makes you conscious of your core and activates your mind to contract your abs when lifting heavier weights.  Your performance will increase just from the confidence you receive by using training aids.

Lifting straps are another training aid that are absolutely helpful. With these grips you can isolate the muscle you are working while taking the stress off your grip. You will perform many more reps because your grip is much better and able to concentrate on the muscle you are working.

Knee wraps are essential when doing squats. They give you extra support in the knee area while doing heavier squats.  Look at most top pros or strongman and you will see them using them.  They are there to help you train in safety.

Using training aids is the fastest way to a quicker result.  Dumbbell Club recommends Cardillo Weight Belts and Versa Gripps as the best training aids for weight training.

David JohnsonDo training aids work when you are weight training?


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