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Joining a gym

What is the major factor when selecting a Gym?  Many people look for a gym that offers everything, but that is unlikely.  Decide what is important to you and go from there. Is it convenient and have a personal training program? Is it a Bodybuilding, Crossfit or a Fitness crowd? Are there great amenities, new weight equipment, clean pool and nice basketball courts? 

It’s a complicated purchase when you think about it, because you have  to commit to at least 2 months. Honestly,  it will have to be a trial and error because you won’t know the right Gym until you go for a few months. 

There’s not a perfect formula for joining a gym. It’s really preference. It could be low cost, great atmosphere and no air conditioning/heat or costly with towel service, sauna, whirlpool & cold mist showers including valet parking. Everyone has a different taste and it might even be the place where you clean the equipment off after someone uses it or just walk away with sweat all over it. 

Where would you be motivated more? 

If you pay more, does that make you more obligated to workout? All these questions come into play when finding this special gym and Dumbbell Club has unsolicited advice in your gym search:   

  1. Atmosphere incl. cleanliness 
  2. Great Equipment & Cardio
  3. Convenient 
  4. Cost
  5. Sufficient Amenities 

Good luck with joining the right gym.

David JohnsonJoining a gym


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