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Working Around Injures

No matter if you’re a weekend warrior, a conditioned athlete or new to regular workouts, there are times when you might find yourself working around an injury.   It’s important to keep working out, while being mindful of the injury.

For example, if you have a foot injury you can work out your upper body.  We understand it’s a hassle to limp around from machine to machine at the gym, but this training will help keep your conditioning. If you have an injury to your upper body, you can still work out your legs, and do cardio.

Sometimes an injury makes you concentrate on neglected body parts that wouldn’t be the focus of your training.

@calumvonmoger tore his left bicep tendon in 2018, but continued to work around his injury even with a cast on his arm.  This demonstrates his  commitment to maintaining his workouts and coming back as good as new.


Working around an injury can also help you appreciate that injured body part too.

Continuing to work out will help your mental stress  It will also keep the healthy body parts strong while you recover from your injury.

@Dumbbellclub knows if you play hard, you will likely get injured at some point. Continuing to work around an injury will get you back into your active lifestyle, quicker and stronger.

David JohnsonWorking Around Injures


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