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What is Your Motivation to Become Fit?

Many things can motivate you throughout the years to stay in shape, so whatever it takes use it.  Is it an old injury you are trying to rehabilitate or excess weight you have gained at work or college?

You look at old pictures and decide, “ok this is it – I can’t take it anymore”, this is also motivation. The Prom Dress or Wedding Dress you once fit into is now a far fetched goal, unless this motivates you to change your lifestyle.

Well, some use death of a loved one to motivate themselves. Others get motivated to shape up for their vacation, their birthday, their image, their Bodybuilding contest, or their dreaded New Years Resolution.

I know some that actually get motivated from their favorite songs on their playlist.

Maybe because you do or have done everything for everyone else and that motivates you to now take care of yourself.

I know one thing, if you don’t use any of these tools to get motivated, use “action” and that will motivate you.  Action is a power tool to get the motivation you need to become fit.

David JohnsonWhat is Your Motivation to Become Fit?


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