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Welcome to Dumbbell Club™

Dumbbell Club™ is building Fitness community that is centered round the industry. When it comes to getting in great shape, there are just too many options out there today, and that leads to confusion when you’re looking for the best products & services. Many of them are great, and legitimate, and lots are just sales and hype and empty promises. You can spend lots of wasted time and money learning to tell one from the other. I want to spare you that frustrating experience. I have done a ton of research, and found the absolute best products and services to align with, and I’m gathering them all together under one umbrella for you, that’s why I’ve created Dumbbell Club™. I’ve spent my life dedicated to fitness, not just mine, but also others. The Dumbbell Club™ was born from my lifetime as dedicated fitness professional… for 37 years and an IFBB Pro I have wanted to share this knowledge and experience with the world. Now you can come to one place for all your fitness needs, secure in the knowledge that we are affiliated with only the very best. No hype, no scams, no wasted reps or empty calories. Just the very best products and services, all thoroughly researched and vetted for you. Join Dumbbell Club™ for free, there’s no membership or dues, just follow us on Instagram and that entitles you to our exclusive Dumbbell Club™ discounts on every single product and service we endorse from our affiliates companies. No more guessing or searching or experimenting. Every one of us is working hard towards the same end result, a long, healthy life and a beautiful body. Make the journey about doing the hard work, not searching for solutions. Welcome to Dumbbell Club™!

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