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The Transformation in the Sport of Bodybuilding

When I started competing in 1981 until I stopped competing in 1992, Bodybuilding had 2 Divisions, Men’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Bodybuilding.  They also had Novice within those Divisions for 1st time competitors.

After taking off 20 years, I returned to the sport in 2012 and it was quite different. They added Mens Bodybuilding 212 Division, Men’s Physique, Women’s Figure, Women’s Bikini, Women’s Physique.

In 2015 the IFBB dropped the Ms Olympia for Women’s Bodybuilding and in 2016 added Men’s Classic Physique Division.

This change gave many different people the opportunity to compete.

The NPC “National Physique Committee”  is the amateur arm of the IFBB.  They have been around for many years and have contests throughout the U.S. with National Qualifiers, so competitors have the chance to win an IFBB Pro Card.

This is a well ran organization from the bottom up. With the entire sport growing with popularity there’s always adjustments to be made to keep it profitable. Dumbbell Club believes with this transformation, it hasn’t diluted the sport of Bodybuilding. We think that it’s more widely accepted and has a tremendous future.

David JohnsonThe Transformation in the Sport of Bodybuilding


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