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Dumbbell Club believes Dumbbells are the Best Fitness Equipment

Lifting weight is not just for bodybuilders. Whether you are just beginning to lose weight or a dedicated athlete, building muscle is essential to a healthy mind and body. And what is the best equipment to use when building muscle? Dumbbells. A good set of dumbbells can take you a very long way into your fitness journey before needing to be replaced. Here are five reasons why dumbbells are the only fitness equipment you need.

1. Customizable Weights

Everyone has different needs when going to the gym. If you are just starting out, you probably need the lightest weights possible, but the person on the bench next to you might need the heaviest set possible. (Or at least they think they do!) Dumbbells are perfect for this situation because there is a weight for every need. All gyms will have fixed weight dumbbells so you can simply grab the weight you need for each exercise and switch out as needed. If you are working out at home or go to a larger gym, you can also use adjustable dumbbells that let you change the weight on the individual dumbbell without needing a different set.

2. Portable

Dumbbells do not require a fancy gym membership or a large home gym. They are small and portable. You can bring them on vacation, to boot camp, or even to different parts of your house during renovations or family visits. You can easily pack them away if you live in a small apartment or want to practice tiny living. They are also easy to grab and use for a quick workout while watching TV or killing time between activities.

3. Better than Machines

Dumbbells provide a better workout than resistance machines at the gym. You get a full range of motion, can better adjust the weight you need and avoid injuries. Dumbbells allow you to do compound moves, working multiple muscle groups at a time. You also get the added benefit of working stabilizing muscles when you stand or balance as you lift dumbbells. Dumbbells give you the freedom to move around, which can be helpful if you get stuck next to the gross guy at the gym who doesn’t seem to shower.

4. Full Body Workouts

You can do more than bicep curls with dumbbells. Dumbbells can work every major muscle group in your body. Want to work your legs? Squat or lunge with dumbbells. Need to work on your core? Use dumbbells when doing bridges, hip thrusters or sit ups. Dumbbells can be used to work your back and shoulders. You can also do traditional barbell exercises with dumbbells as well. Try bench press, shoulder press, and deadlifts with dumbbells to evenly work your muscles and enjoy the added level of difficulty.

5. Improve Cardio

If you need to increase your cardiovascular exercise, add in dumbbells. You can hold them while walking, punching, or even jumping. Using lighter weights while doing your regular exercises more quickly than normal can also get your heart rate up. Supersets can be used to increase cardio endurance while also strength training. And finally, take your HIIT and tabata workouts up a notch by adding dumbbells to burn fat, build muscle, and improve heart health at once.

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David JohnsonDumbbell Club believes Dumbbells are the Best Fitness Equipment


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