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PASSION, ACTION and VISION are Attributes for Success

Visualization is really important for motivation. Visualizing yourself in a better job, having the ideal body or finishing your education motivates you. But there’s a caveat, you must also have Passion and Action. Without all three it’s difficult and Dumbbell Club will explain. We know many people with great ideas and most have only two of these three traits.

Ok, if you have Passion and Action without Vision, I will hire you to buy into my Vision to steer your Passion and Action in a positive direction towards my Vision. You will be a great employee because now you have a purpose. 

If you have Passion and Vision with no Action you are just a Dreamer, because you have no Action to follow through on your Passion and Vision.


  • Passion- You love Fitness
  • Vision- You see yourself fit
  • No Action- You are a dreamer 

Now if you have Action and Vision you are an Attorney, because most Attorneys have no Passion. But, their Action and Vision helped them obtain a profession career. 

Again, you have to have all three traits in fitness, to get results. 

David JohnsonPASSION, ACTION and VISION are Attributes for Success


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