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It’s not a good prognosis, no one gets out alive. If you think about it, in 100 years just about every human and animal alive today, will be gone. Yup, life is impermanent and fairly short, but we usually don’t think much about it. We only have so much time, and getting older and maturing is a blessing and a gift. To enjoy this gift, and make the most of our time, we workout, eat whole healthy foods, get good sleep, train hard, reduce stress and build good relationships.

Not too many people can drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and expect to live long.  But, people that workout, have a clean diet and live without unhealthy habits have an opportunity to live a longer, healthier life. If you work towards improving the quality on your life with these practices, longevity is enhanced.

Fitness Icon  and “Godfather of Fitness” Jack Lalanne was a perfect example of someone who did everything right. He exercised, didn’t smoke and had a great diet throughout his life. Even Jack LaLanne at age 97 didn’t get out alive, but fitness was his fountain of youth.


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  1. Josh   Reply

    Thanks for everything you do for people who have never been able to follow a regiment. You are the best!


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