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Is Meal Prep Important?

Would you rather be in good shape or out of shape?  Eat everyday foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables and lean protein or occasional foods like donuts, chips, cakes, french fries and fried foods? 

The 1st question is easy to answer & easier to comply with because everyone wants to be in shape.

The 2nd question is like walking a tight rope.  Eating a nutritional diet is boring, no taste, and demands consistency. 

Most people love occasional food because of the taste and it’s the way they’ve eaten their entire life.  Example: hamburger, french fries, and a Diet Coke. With this order you are telling yourself, “I love junk food, but I’m aware it’s bad for me and to justify I will drink a Diet Coke to make me feel I didn’t consume too many calories.”  If your mind set on occasional foods is like this, there’s going to be a huge weight loss challenge. 

Introducing meal prep: this keeps you honest and away from guessing what you are going to eat. Making eating easy is very important for results. Think of it as functional food (protein, carbs & fats)  Yes, it gets monotonous but this is a great way to plan your days. Eat 5 times a day and every 3 hours. No eating after 7:00pm and that’s about it. If you hate cooking and doing dishes connect with Icon Meals for your meal prep even if it’s for a few meals a week.

You can do all the cardio you want and if you aren’t consistent on your Nutritional needs, you will fail. 

Meal prep is important if you want results.

David JohnsonIs Meal Prep Important?


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