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How Much Time Should I Spend in a Gym Workout?

Many people think that the longer you spend in a gym, the quicker the results will come.  Dumbbell Club believes the opposite will happen if you spend too much time in the gym.

Spending too much time can lead to over training and loss of muscle gains. Especially if you think you have to do a two hour workout each and every time you walk in the gym.

We believe that the perfect time is no more than one hour, which includes cardio.

Whether you’re training for strength, bodybuilding or the aesthetic look, one hour is more than enough time to get an incredible workout in at any gym.

We recommend at least four days a week to get the best results. Some days you may want to do more, but we wouldn’t recommend that until you are consistent for at least two months.

The #1 excuse most people use is they don’t have enough time. That hour workout will become a great hour of training because this is what you have allocated for your fitness.

@DumbbellClub wants you to remember, weight training is to condition your muscles, but your diet has to be a major consideration for getting and staying in shape.

David JohnsonHow Much Time Should I Spend in a Gym Workout?


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