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Hiring a Personal Trainer

When I think of having a Personal Trainer, the 1st thing that comes to my mind is, accountability. They keep you accountable to show up for your workout. They are always at the gym waiting for your session, like a preached bird. If you cancel or skip it’s like missing a Doctor’s appointment.  They’re a motivation tool to help reach your fitness goals.  In any profession there’s good and bad Personal Trainers too. The good ones have your best interest and the fee for service is well worth the cost. The good ones have a track record with references. 

Shop around because there are Personal Trainers that say they’re experienced with 1 year of training.  Also, there are Personal Trainers that specialize in Bodybuilding, Sports Specific Training, Weight Loss, Cardio, Plyometrics, Crossfit, Powerlifting, etc.  

Make sure when shopping around that you pick someone with experience in a few of those categories. Also, online training is a very good option to keep you on point with your diet and training. 

Getting an experienced Personal Trainer is key to avoiding injuries and working around injuries you may already have when you start on a new workout program. 

I have a few complaints about bad Personal Trainers.  They engage with their cell phones every set as if they missed a call. Some are literally are on another planet when training you and run you through as if it’s a race to the finish. 

These “bad trainers” actually put novice men and women through a Bodybuilding workout.  Every client is not a Bodybuilder, and yes you could argue if you are lifting weights you are a Bodybuilder, just not a competitive Bodybuilder.  

Be smart when hiring a Personal Trainer, because you want it to be worth your time and money. To help you in your search Dumbbell Club has aligned itself with the best trainers in the world at

David JohnsonHiring a Personal Trainer


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