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Hijacking your Time in Life

Whether it be friends, acquaintances, social media or other influences in life, try to stay on your life’s pathway. Time is a precious commodity.


The gym is a perfect example of people hijacking your time. A simple conversation can lead into a full blown 5-10 minute discussion.  That can put a real cold spell on your intense workout.

These are the people who haven’t moved the fitness needle in 10 years. They haven’t changed their appearance and use the gym as social hour.  Instead of looking for an open machine to use, they’re looking for their next conversation.

Another example is outside the gym when people are trying to get you to buy into their ideas or passion. If this isn’t your passion, your time is being hijacked when you could be spending valuable time doing what is your passion.

We aren’t saying not to be social, but only to be aware of the ones that really suck away your time.

Once time is gone you can never get it back. Attorneys, personal trainers, doctors all bill for their time. Giving away your time is something to keep track of, especially when we hear people saying that they don’t have enough time to workout or to go back to college, etc. Time always seems to be the excuse.

Time management is a great trait to develop and you will be more aware of the people who want to hijack your time.

Use your time wisely and you will be on point in life.


David JohnsonHijacking your Time in Life


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