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Dumbbell Club isn’t talking about saying, “please, thank you or excuse me”. We are taking about how you should and shouldn’t act in a gym. 

Everyone that joins a gym has equal excess to the equipment and amenities. But some members literally think they are the only ones in the gym and oblivious to their surroundings. Example: Having your towel draped over a bench for 5 min during peak hours so no one else uses it. But, when you are finally sick of seeing it empty you remove the towel and the absent member shows up to tell you he or she is using it.  That right there could be very combative in an intense workout environment and just plan rude. 

A few other moves I see often, are people walking within inches in front of you as you are doing your set. Some actually just stand right in front of you and take up the mirror “you” were using.   Be conscience of where you are in the gym and your gym etiquette.  Also, training right in front of the Dumbbell rack so not one person can get or put away their Dumbbells. You just need to move back 3 feet so “paying members” can get excess to the Dumbbell rack.  By having some etiquette with these little but annoying pet peeves, you will earn respect with veteran gym members, personal trainers and Pros. 

This one really baffles me especially after a workout.  The member walks out the front entrance of the gym and can’t wait to light up a cigarette blowing smoke everywhere and we get to breathe their nasty 2nd hand smoke after we just finished a healthy “Smoke Free” workout.  Do these people, even think? No respect for anyone’s air space and literally as disrespectful as they come. 

So remember, you do not own the gym, you are a member and you pay exactly what others pay, so have some stinking gym etiquette. 



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