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Gaining Weight on Vacation

Vacations can destroy your waistline and make you feel awful after a scenic trip.  If you are vacationing in or near a metropolitan city visit the best gym in the area. It gives you a great place to ask locals where the best restaurants are to eat and tips on site seeing hot spots.  

Visiting these out of town gyms can also offset your calorie intake while on your vacation.  Training in different cities is really fun too. You get a taste of the culture and it keeps you on point while eating all those empty calories. 

If there’s not a gym in the area, go on a hike, a long walk or run.  Doing something active before you sit down for one 2,000 calorie meal, will keep you mentally sane. Beating yourself up after indulging in all the great food only ruins the vacation. 

To help maintain your weight you can also supplement one of your meals with a delicious protein shake from @fitprousa. It gives you 35 grams of protein and is very nutritious.


Dumbbell Club suggests, if you don’t want to return home and feel like your vacation was nothing but a food fest, hit the gym. 

David JohnsonGaining Weight on Vacation


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