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Exercising is Important at Any Age

Has fitness been an important part of your life, or are you just getting started?  What is important is that you start, and once started you continue to focus on your fitness goals throughout your lifespan. Strength training and resistance exercises are important parts of staying fit for all ages.

There’s a lot of research that points to all the health benefits of exercise, and it is especially important for seniors. Exercise works to combat the aging process. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Lifting weights is recommended for everyone, and seniors benefit as well.  Muscle is an important contributor to balance and improves strength, which lowers the chance of injury and improves coordination. Exercise even improves mood.

A good example of the benefits a fitness program for seniors is demonstrated at Patriots Colony in Williamsburg, Virginia where retired military officers and their spouses enjoy a great lifestyle with residential members having access to a great fitness facility there.

I met with Sean D. Bush, BS, ACSM EP-C, Fitness Manager at Patriots Colony.  He showed me the comprehensive fitness center there.  I witnessed a water aerobics class that included weight resistance.  The fitness centered has a variety of cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights. The staff is knowledgeable and helps individuals with individualized fitness programs.


One unique thing about Patriot’s Colony’s is that the community was built and designed for retired military officers and their spouses. Sean mentioned, “Working with an older clientele is much easier when exercise has been a huge part of their lives, coming from a military background.” He suggested that individuals in the military may have a slight advantage staying fit as they age, as fitness testing has been emphasized throughout their careers.

It helps to have a great facility and a knowledgeable Fitness Manager at Patriots Colony to help the population stay fit. It’s also a plus to wake up to each day with the opportunity and convenience of having it on the property.

Exercising and doing regular physical activities are important throughout the lifespan. Though the types of exercise and intensity will change. As we age, we usually tend to do less demanding activities like swimming, golf, walking, light weights, etc. Doing these lower impact exercises also helps you enjoy your golden years while overcoming injuries and not incurring new ones.

When meeting new members of Patriot’s Colony, Robert Sunell, a retired 2 Star Army General, remarked, “People don’t come to this retirement community to die, they come here to live.”

This is a great reminder to all of us, whether starting out on your fitness journey, or doing your best to maintain every health advantage as you age. Being active, having daily exercise, being social, having meaningful things to do, does not stop or end at a certain age.

Dumbbell Club encourages individuals at every age to keep working on fitness goals, incorporate weights as appropriate, and celebrate the daily rewards and joys of a fitness focused lifestyle.


David JohnsonExercising is Important at Any Age


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