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Every Athlete Needs an Off Season

Off Seasons are a must for the purpose of resting and rejuvenating your body. Competing in any sport is a regimented lifestyle. You train everyday, eat properly and have a competition mind set. This can be very draining over time.  Many athletes have to literally make themselves take time off to prevent injuries or becoming burnt out.

It’s very hard to impossible to stay in peak shape year around.  We aren’t just talking about the physical aspect, but the mental part of sports too.

When we say, “Off Season” we mean cut down your workouts, stay on a maintenance program,  up your calories, meditate to rejuvenate your mental state, rest, try to have a social life and create the hunger for competition.

D.Johnson at the Beach

We do not suggest just going into Hibernation like a Bear, but doing these small things will certainly help in so many ways. This will give you career longevity in any sport, by taking an Off Season.

If you practice this cycle, you will excel when competition presents itself.

David JohnsonEvery Athlete Needs an Off Season


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