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Eating Healthy is Costly


Eating healthy costs much more than eating processed foods. However, there are healthy foods you can eat that won’t break the bank.

The cheapest protein available are eggs.  They don’t have a lot of calories and they’re healthy. You would have to eat hundreds of eggs a day to be concerned about increasing your cholesterol or to worry about heart disease.

Protein powder is another great source of protein. You can buy the highest quality of powder for $50 that would last a month.

Chicken breasts are what most athletes eat and you can usually get them for under $2 a pound. They’re low in fat and high in protein.

Raw almonds can be another great way to get your protein and are normally under $1 an ounce which is around 20-30 nuts.

Great dietary fat is of course the avocado, which contains healthy fat, helps reduce cardiovascular disease, and really helps brain function. Avocados can be picked up for around $2. You can mix them with salads, eggs, etc.

The healthier carbs are always the challenge and you can’t go wrong with a sweet potato. They’re loaded with many grams of carbohydrates, few grams of protein, and almost zero fat. They’re always around $1.50 a pound.

Other carbs to consider would be black beans, rice, and oatmeal.



Fruit has to be thrown into the equation at some point in your day. We like to recommend eating them in the morning to give you the opportunity to burn the carbohydrates off throughout the day.

When trying to eat healthy, limit your choices to make the process of eating better less confusing.

Setting this mindset will combat the aging process while having a better chance at living a disease-free life.

@DumbbellClub wants to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year.


David JohnsonEating Healthy is Costly


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