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The Mind is Willing, but the Body Can’t Keep Up

An athlete’s mind might never lose its competitive drive, but the body won’t always respond like it did when you were younger.  When you start feeling more age related aches and pains, it’s time to change your workout to accommodate this process. It’s just a fact of life that the risk of an injury increases as you age,  if you


David JohnsonThe Mind is Willing, but the Body Can’t Keep Up

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Music or No Music During a Workout?

Is it just background noise or are you actually listening to the song when you are training? My personal experience has been, if it’s a new playlist I am practically dancing in my head to every song. But, if I haven’t changed my playlist in awhile,  it’s just noise. Once or twice in my workout, I will actually become aware


David JohnsonMusic or No Music During a Workout?

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The Off Season Diet Dilemma

Either you’re eating to gain weight or to lose weight. Either you’re trying to gain muscle and lose body fat.  There’s a competition weight and an off season weight. It’s a vicious cycle when you compete in Bodybuilding. Many novice competitors eat as many calories as possible to increase their weight. Hopefully they learn a valuable lesson when following this kind


David JohnsonThe Off Season Diet Dilemma

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How Much Time Should I Spend in a Gym Workout?

Many people think that the longer you spend in a gym, the quicker the results will come.  Dumbbell Club believes the opposite will happen if you spend too much time in the gym. Spending too much time can lead to over training and loss of muscle gains. Especially if you think you have to do a two hour workout each


David JohnsonHow Much Time Should I Spend in a Gym Workout?

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Enjoy the Week Leading Up to the 2018 Mr. Olympia 

On September 14, the 2018 Mr Olympia begins. This attracts the best male and female bodybuilding/fitness competitors in the world. Competitors from around the world come to Las Vegas for the week.  They qualified either by winning an @IFBB_Pro_league show or acquired enough points to get an invitation. This is one of their most important weeks of prep. These Olympians


David JohnsonEnjoy the Week Leading Up to the 2018 Mr. Olympia 

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Crossfit Competitors Earn My Respect One Event at a Time

After following these Crossfit athletes on social media and watching it on TV the last 5 years during @Reebok @CrossfitGames, Dumbbell Club is still so impressed. These athletes are fine-tuned machines. The exercises they do to get ready to compete aren’t your typical lifts or exercises. They just started using dumbbells in their event protocol and that has competitors guessing


David JohnsonCrossfit Competitors Earn My Respect One Event at a Time

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Official Dumbbell Club Hall of Fame Targets the Top

The criteria to become a candidate in the Dumbbell Club Hall of Fame includes anyone that has made a huge impact in the fitness industry as an IFBB pro, fitness TV personality, fitness inventor, fitness trailblazer, or fitness icon. Dumbbell Club is vetting the candidates very carefully and not handing the golden dumbbells out like Halloween candy.  The golden dumbbells


David JohnsonOfficial Dumbbell Club Hall of Fame Targets the Top

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Why do You Workout?

Is it to impress or get attention from the opposite sex or is it because you’re an athlete and your sport demands you to stay in shape? There are many different reasons why people workout. To stay healthy To look good To burn calories To lose weight To gain weight To live longer To compete in a sport To rehabilitate


David JohnsonWhy do You Workout?

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