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Crossfit Competitors Earn My Respect One Event at a Time

After following these Crossfit athletes on social media and watching it on TV the last 5 years during @Reebok @CrossfitGames, Dumbbell Club is still so impressed. These athletes are fine-tuned machines. The exercises they do to get ready to compete aren’t your typical lifts or exercises. They just started using dumbbells in their event protocol and that has competitors guessing


David JohnsonCrossfit Competitors Earn My Respect One Event at a Time

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Official Dumbbell Club Hall of Fame Targets the Top

The criteria to become a candidate in the Dumbbell Club Hall of Fame includes anyone that has made a huge impact in the fitness industry as an IFBB pro, fitness TV personality, fitness inventor, fitness trailblazer, or fitness icon. Dumbbell Club is vetting the candidates very carefully and not handing the golden dumbbells out like Halloween candy.  The golden dumbbells


David JohnsonOfficial Dumbbell Club Hall of Fame Targets the Top

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Why do You Workout?

Is it to impress or get attention from the opposite sex or is it because you’re an athlete and your sport demands you to stay in shape? There are many different reasons why people workout. To stay healthy To look good To burn calories To lose weight To gain weight To live longer To compete in a sport To rehabilitate


David JohnsonWhy do You Workout?

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Hijacking your Time in Life

Whether it be friends, acquaintances, social media or other influences in life, try to stay on your life’s pathway. Time is a precious commodity. The gym is a perfect example of people hijacking your time. A simple conversation can lead into a full blown 5-10 minute discussion.  That can put a real cold spell on your intense workout. These are


David JohnsonHijacking your Time in Life

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Every Athlete Needs an Off Season

Off Seasons are a must for the purpose of resting and rejuvenating your body. Competing in any sport is a regimented lifestyle. You train everyday, eat properly and have a competition mind set. This can be very draining over time.  Many athletes have to literally make themselves take time off to prevent injuries or becoming burnt out. It’s very hard


David JohnsonEvery Athlete Needs an Off Season

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Do Cheat Meals Really Work?

First, a cheat meal is something you crave but should only have once a week. Normally you might think of Pizza, Burgers or Pancakes. The problem people have with a cheat meal is it turns into a cheat day.  People start eating tasty foods and can’t stop. If you are going to have a cheat meal, know exactly what you


David JohnsonDo Cheat Meals Really Work?

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The Transformation in the Sport of Bodybuilding

When I started competing in 1981 until I stopped competing in 1992, Bodybuilding had 2 Divisions, Men’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Bodybuilding.  They also had Novice within those Divisions for 1st time competitors. After taking off 20 years, I returned to the sport in 2012 and it was quite different. They added Mens Bodybuilding 212 Division, Men’s Physique, Women’s Figure, Women’s


David JohnsonThe Transformation in the Sport of Bodybuilding

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What is Your Motivation to Become Fit?

Many things can motivate you throughout the years to stay in shape, so whatever it takes use it.  Is it an old injury you are trying to rehabilitate or excess weight you have gained at work or college? You look at old pictures and decide, “ok this is it – I can’t take it anymore”, this is also motivation. The


David JohnsonWhat is Your Motivation to Become Fit?

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Exercising is Important at Any Age

Has fitness been an important part of your life, or are you just getting started?  What is important is that you start, and once started you continue to focus on your fitness goals throughout your lifespan. Strength training and resistance exercises are important parts of staying fit for all ages. There’s a lot of research that points to all the


David JohnsonExercising is Important at Any Age

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For Successful Weight Loss – Learn These 2 Food Groups

In the world of fitness there’s a lot of information on what to eat and when to eat it-in order to lose weight and meet fitness goals. There’s lots of information on the distribution  of micronutrients: carbs, protein, and fats in your diet. This is interspersed with suggestions for cheat meals and cheat days, meal timing, carb loading, or carb


David JohnsonFor Successful Weight Loss – Learn These 2 Food Groups

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