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Abs are Made in the Kitchen

Many people gauge whether they’re in shape or not by checking their abs.


We are sure you have witnessed gym members doing hundreds of sit-ups and hundreds of leg raises without any results. You can also do as much cardio as possible and still not move the fitness needle to better abs.

It’s true if you aren’t reducing calories in the kitchen, you’re wasting your time working on your abs.

A layer of body fat is why people cannot see their abs, not because they’re not doing enough ab exercises.

If you want a short cut to seeing your abs, start eating a clean diet and drinking a lot of water.

This will give you more results than any amount of sit-ups will ever give you. tips you can do for your abs:

  • Flex your abdominal area
  • Sit up straight at your desk/car
  • Control your abdominal area
  • Be conscious about holding in abs “Suck it in”

David JohnsonAbs are Made in the Kitchen


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